EmoteMaker v8.0.1 (Emoticon Maker)


Intinya sih gampang aja ya, ini software bisa dipake buat buka emoticon secara cepat tanpa harus online. tinggal pilih dan generate, kita udah bisa dapet code URL, HTML ataupun BB codenya. EmoteMaker (Emoticon Maker) merupakan aplikasi kecil dimana kamu bisa membuat emoticon hanya dengan drag & drop.

Ada ratusan objek emoticon yang udah tersedia diaplikasi ini, jadi kamu tinggal taro aja di tempat yang kamu inginkan.

EmoteMaker has a full range of features to enable you to create what you want. Here is a full list:

* Easy drag and drop interface.
* Over 100 sorted objects to implement in your emoticon designs.
* Import images and use them as objects.
* Apply effects to objects such as rotation, transparency and color blending.
* Stretch and skew emoticon objects.
* Create animated emoticons.
* Create signs for your emoticons to hold proudly (or not so proudly).
* Export created emoticons in GIF & PNG format.
* Want random emoticons? use the random generator!
* Supports many languages
* Extend the application with user created plugins!

pass : www.duniawarez.com

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